Apa Yang Terbaru dari Zimbra?


NEW Zimbra Drive

  • Upload, manage and download files

  • Share files with internal users … external share coming soon
  • Mark files as “preferred” for quick access
  • Integrated with Zimbra Docs
  • File search and more …

NEW Zimbra Connect

  • 1:1 & Group Messaging
  • Group & Channel Video Calls
  • Corporate Messaging using Spaces and Channels

  • File Sharing, Screen Sharing and more …

Zimbra Docs

  • Zimbra Writer: works like any documentation software. Craft text with all the editing functionality you expect.
  • Zimbra Calc: functions like any spreadsheet app. All of the features from your other spreadsheet apps are here for you.
  • Zimbra Impress: will be your new favorite presentation tool. Use it to create polished presentations and delivery those presentations from right in the Zimbra Web Client.
  • Create, upload and export in Zimbra 9 in any format you need – without a Microsoft Office license.
  • Share any file to collaborate realtime with your work teams.

Platform refactoring, Hierarchical Address Book (HAB), ABQ (Allow/Block/Quarantine) services and much more …